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Brokerage Information Management System (BIMSi)
BIMSi is a brokerage management software solution that manages all the information needed to give brokerage firms the kind of professional support that will enhance their role in the growth of the market.

BIMSi was designed to fully support the trends and changes incurring in the Egyptian Capital Market.

Composed of three basic modules
Distinguishing Features
  • Full Range of Solutions
  • BIMSI Front-End Modules.
  • BIMSi Professional Back Office.
  • BIMSi Integration Modules.
  • Ease of Use
  • Web-Enabled Solution.
  • Standard Graphical User Interfaces (GUI).
  • Multiple Environments
  • Bilingual system (Arabic / English).
  • Multi-Currency.
  • Multi-Markets.
  • Multi-Branches (One budget, separate statements).
  • Vacations module for different markets.
  • Dynamic
  • Dynamic Menus.
  • Different contractual information for each customer, brokerage firm and central depository.
  • Dynamic Query module.
  • Dynamic Fees modules.
  • Real-Time Information
  • Automatic loading for stocks' prices real time market watch.
  • Online real-time full order cycle via web interfaces.
  • Secure
  • Multi-level security system (modules, items, data & encrypted passwords).
  • Multi-level security levels down to the item level on the screen.
  • Transaction Log monitoring system.
  • Errors Logging.
  • User input checked against established business rules.
  • Strong financial controls and reconciliation routines embedded in the application software.
  • Reports
  • Over 200 bilingual reports covering all stock exchange, front office, back office, client, management requirements.
  • Exporting different reports to standard formats.
  • Scalability and Integration
  • Automatic publishing of execute order to back office.
  • Fully integrated with multi-currency accounting system with user-defined Charter of Accounts.
  • Fully integrated with an archiving system (DADI).
  • Fully integrated with a brokerage system (BIMSi).
  • Fully integrated with Booking System , Market Data Feed and the Egyptian Stock Exchange.
  • Easily integrated with other applications.
BIMSi Front End Modules

BIMSi front end modules address the needs of all types of investors; from professional traders (BIMSi Account Officer) to small investors (BIMSi Investor). On-line Trading Web Site solution provides brokerage firms with a fully branded, trade-capable Web-site. BIMSi Security Module ensures that the system is running in a high security environment.

BIMSi Professional Back Office

BIMSi Professional Back Office system follows up the customer’s local & international deals, starting from receiving their orders, executing them, issuing the invoices, affecting the stocks, showing the online cash movement through the accounting statements and finally preparing periodically the whole position summary and its breakdown details. In addition, BIMSi gives a complete overview of the company's financial position on a daily basis aiding management in making decisions at the right time to reach their planned targets.


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