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Document And Data Integration (DADI)
Product Overview
DADI is a document management system environment that integrates data processing ,images and system generated documents . The system is customized for all the document filing , retrieval and processing needs of workgroup , department or a full organization.

DADI links these images to keyed data and text. According to a predefined hierarchy each image is automatically stored with links to related data and text, into a specific document or folder.
DADI is a complete proven system oriented toward performance, availability, and reliability.
DADI is component-based; components include Documents Capture, Image Viewer, Electronic File Cabinet and External Application.
Documents Capture
  • Includes a Document Manager, which allows user to create, scan, index, delete, search, edit, and print documents.
  • Documents may be indexed before or after being scanned.
  • Supports ISIS standard.
  • Supports batch scanning.
  • Auto-links to database.
  • Ability to import images and other document types.
Image viewer
  • Based on Multiple Document Interface (MDI).
  • Multiple documents and multiple pages of a document can be viewed simultaneously.
  • Uses standard compression & decompression algorithms.
  • Handles different image formats(TIFF, PCX, JPEG, BMP, GIF and more).
  • Allows Zooming (frame zoom, zooming to scale, fit in window, and fill window), scrolling, panning, reversing, rotating, and printing of images.
  • Ability to print the entire document, or a page as viewed.
  • Annotation.
  • Copy or cut any Image or multi image from document to other document.
Electronic File Cabinet  
Electronic File Cabinet is the interface between user’s external application and imaging system.
  • Based on object oriented client/ server standards and portable database.
  • Images and documents are stored in a multi- layer architecture (cabinet/folder/document /page).
  • New documents can be appended into existing folders.
  • New pages can be inserted into existing documents.
  • Automatic generation of labels of new pages and documents to fit correctly within the existing architecture.
  • No duplication of images.
  • Full Boolean compound searching and the usage of wildcards when searching documents.
Distinguishing Features
  • Ease Of Use
  • Web-Enabled Solution.
  • Standard Graphical User Interfaces (GUI).
  • Security
  • Multi-Level security.
  • Complete system administration capabilities, database configuration and management security control and comprehensive archiving backup of images.
  • Scalability
  • Incorporates high performance servers ,multiple high storage devices such as EMC / CLARIION & SUN array and a variety of personal computers, scanners, jukeboxes and printer devices.
  • Flexibility
  • Can be installed as a stand alone system , a network system or integrated to customers' existing applications.
  • Online and Batch Scanning with document indexing before or after scan via Document Capture.
  • Flexible viewing modes for all standard image formats via Image Viewer.
  • Flexible filing (storage and retrieval) of documents and pages via Electronic File Cabinet.
  • Easily integrated with other solutions
  • Industry Standards
  • Supports standard hardware and networks operating within MS windows and UNIX environments.
  • Supports all standard MS Windows and Unix print drivers and fonts.
  • Supports ISIS standard Scanners.

Document And Data Integration (DADI) 
  DADI brings together a number of technologies that allow users to capture, store, manage, retrieve, display ,distribute and print information that originated on paper, film or is computer generated.  
External applications
  TEA Computers has been delivering DADI solutions to the Egyptian market for over ten years.
Solutions include:
  • Incoming and Outgoing letters.
  • Engineering drawings.
  • Personnel application.
  • Signature verification.

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