Our Services

Technology Deployment Services

<p class="MsoPlainText"><span style="font-family:" courier="" new""="">Our professionals ervices team installs, deploys, migrates, and integrates solutions using a proven methodology to ensure new solutions are implemented right the first time with minimal interruption to your daily operations. <o:p></o:p></span></p><p> </p><p class="MsoPlainText"><span style="font-family:" courier="" new""=""><o:p>&nbsp;</o:p></span></p>

TEA-Serv BIM Services


<p><b>TEA Computers</b> with its sister company <b>TEA-Serv</b> and its partner&nbsp;<b>AutoDesk </b> provides a wide range of specialized BIM services for construction industry</p>

Software Implementation Services

<p>Our implementation services team leverages their knowledge and extended hands-on-expertise in effectively planning, installing, deploying, integrating and then managing and supporting your enterprise software</p>

Web Portal Development

<p>Working closely with you ,we translate your ideas and business objectives to a detailed road map for online portal implementation.</p>

Help Desk and Support Services

Capital Market

<p>We monitor, detect, and respond to support calls to fix incidents, isolate problems, and enhance performance within predefined service level agreements that meet our customers' mission-critical requirements.</p>

Training Services

<p>We provide a wide range of training offers to enable you to utilize technology solutions and products to achieve your business objectives</p>

Hardware Maintenance

<p>Extend the lifecycle of your IT infrastructure through our support services.</p><p>Upgrade when you want to upgrade, not when the vendor wants you to upgrade.</p>

CAD/CAE/CAM Services

<p><b>TEA Computers</b> provides a wide range of specialized CAD/CAM/CAE services for a wide range of industries.<br></p><div><br></div>

Enterprise Hosting and Managed Services

<p>Hosted services offer many advantages to businesses of all sizes, regardless if you are a small&nbsp; business or a large corporation with a complex IT infrastructure. When you work with the right hosted services provider, this can help to alleviate many IT-related headaches while helping your business to reduce costs.<br></p>