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Engineering & Industry Introduction
In 1980 TEA Computers entered the field of engineering by representing ComputerVision the industry leader of CAD/CAM/CAE systems at the time.

ECG one of the largest engineering consulting firms in Egypt and pioneer in adopting new technologies contracted TEA Computers to provide it with both an overall IT infrastructure solution as well as an advanced engineering tools and solution.
CAD System for various applications including:
• Architecture
• Civil Engineering
• Structural Engineering
• Plant Design
• Mechanical Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
TEA Computers extended its services in engineering solutions via ECG, its sister company.

ECG professional engineers and true users of its CAD/CAM/CAE solutions acted as professional trainers for TEA Computers customers as well as second line support.

TEA Computers extended its product line by becoming a distributor for OCE a lead supplier of scanners ,plotter, printers and supplies for design engineering as well as ANSYS , the industry leader in engineering simulation software.
TEA Computers customer base grew to include such industry giants as

ENPPI the major consultant for engineering work to the ministry of Petroleum with various affiliations to internationally reputed engineering firms contracted TEA Computers to provide advanced design workstations and CAD system for plant design and offshore floors.
• AOI Sakr Factory
AOI Sakr Factory for developed industries one of the largest factories in the Arab Organization for Industrialization and in Egypt contracted TEA Computers to provide a CAD/CAM/CAE solution to be used in the development, design and manufacturing of products , incorporating both mechanical and electronic applications. The system single three dimensional database serves as an automated factory . ensuring consistency and accuracy through the different manufacturing stages form conceptual design to completed products.
 TEA Computers joined forces with InfoCad
  More recently,in 2006, TEA Computers joined forces with InfoCad, offering solutions, services and support in the areas:
• Rapid Prototyping
• 3D Printing
• Rapid Tooling
• Reverse Engineering
• Quality Control & Inspection
• Casting Simulation
• Sheetmetal Manufacturing
• Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solution
More recent success stories
  • Alexandria Tires Company (Pirelli)
• Ebeid
• German University in Cairo
• Kader Factory for Developed Industries (AOI)
• Omni Oil Technologies
• Unionaire
• Valve & Tools
TEA Computers
  provides a wide range of services , starting from training to covering the entire product development process:
• Design
• 3D Printing
• Reverse Engineering
• Analysis/ Simulation
• Rapid Prototyping
• Quality Control
More Information 
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