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Software Products
Product Technology Description
ARBORTEXT Dynamic Publishing The only complete solution for Dynamic Publishing.
Flomerics EFD Pro CAE EFD.Pro is the only powerful and easy-to-use fluid flow and heat transfer simulation program that is fully embedded in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire.
MAGMASOFT CAE MAGMASOFT is a comprehensive simulation tool for the technological and quality focused production of castings worldwide
Predator DNC CAM Predator DNC (Direct/Distributed Numeric Control) is the backbone for a shop floor network.
Pro/ENGINEER CAD/CAM/CAE Is the standard in 3D product design, featuring industry-leading productivity tools that promote best practices in design, while ensuring compliance with your industry and company standards. Integrated Pro/ENGINEER CAD/CAM/CAE solutions allow you to design faster than ever, while maximizing innovation and quality to ultimately create exceptional products.
RADAN CAM With products ranging from design, nesting, punching, profiling and folding, to drawing management, cost estimating and document distribution, Radan 07 is the total solution for your sheet metal requirements.
Simpoe Mold CAE SIMPOE-MOLD software simulates the behavior of plastic resin during the plastic injection process, allowing mold validation, raw material cost optimization and drastic reduction in new product development time.
VERICUT CAM VERICUT software simulates CNC machining in order to detect errors, potential collisions, or areas of inefficiency.
Windchill PLM Connect Teams, Consolidate Efforts, Create Evolution
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