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TEA Computers
System Integration & Professional Services
Information Technology Systems Integration is the process of linking together different computing systems (hardware, networks,software ) to solve business problems.

With staff with years of hands on experience and vision to the future, TEA Computers will work with you hand in hand for the selection of the best fit technology infrastructure solution – not only for today but also for tomorrow.

We believe system integration is about reducing running costs by harmonizing the operation of all system components and value-adding to the system capabilities that are possible because of interactions between subsystems.

We keep our eyes focused on your key concerns whether they are budget, performance requirements, expandability or integration with legacy systems as we help you to understand, manage and implement complex information systems.

TEA Computers provides you with turnkey solutions running from strategic planning, complex environment, and multi-vendor solutions design to final implementation with overall project management capabilities
TEA Computers Professional Services
  • Project Management  
  o Over 10 Technical Project Managers
  o All Project Managers have at least 15 years of experiences
  o Guided by PMI project management standard
  • IT Training  
  o CAD/CAM/CAE and Engineering Solutions Training
  o Standard software applications and operating systems (MS, Oracle ,IBM, UNIX ,LINUX)
  o Network , communications and security training
  o Capital Market Applications in Partnership with Trend
  o Customized IT training
  Software Development  
  • IT Infrastructure Professional Services Download Brochure  
  o Over 1, 500 installed sites
  o Our Services include :
  1. Core Technology Hardware Systems& Networks Installation and Maintenance
  • System diagnostics and trouble shooting
  • System and component maintenance
  • Hardware configuration, tracking, and documentation
  • Installations / Upgrades/ Repair of Hardware
  • Configuring Network Environments
  • Firewall , Virus detection, Anti-Virus installation & maintenance
  • Contact our service Team here
  2. System Software and Database Installation and Maintenance
  • Architecture Planning
  • Installations/Upgrades/Patches
  • Configuration Management
  • Diagnostics and Trouble Shooting
  • Administering Users and Security
  • Performance Management
  • Monitoring and Tuning
  o Our Team
  1. Senior consultants with a solid foundation in information technology are the real power behind TEA Computers professional services.
  2. Support Team
  • Made up of highly skilled and fully certified support engineers and technicians backed by global technology partners with their global support network
  o ACER Technology Partner
  o EMC Technology Partner
  o Fujitsu-Siemens Technology Partner
  o Stratus Technology Partner
  o IBM Advanced Business Partner
  o Oracle Certified Partner
  o Microsoft Certified Partner
  • Operates from two offices located in Cairo and Alexandria, covering the whole country and with specific assignment in other countries in the region
  • Organized into groups according to product and platform specializations.
TEA Computers Support Scope of Services :
  • 24 x 7 Support and Maintenance for critical mission customers
  • Remote diagnostics support by phone, email or a remote tool
  • Online remote support via dedicated DSL line
  • On Site support when required
  • Help desk service via
  o Dedicated Support phone lines (separate from other company lines)
  o Call Tracking, Call recording and Monitoring via I-listen a comprehensive call recording and monitoring solution.
  o Case (Incident) Management and Tracking Tracking customer service through MS Dynamic CRM. Case management, automated routing and queuing of calls for resolution, escalations or re-assignment.
  o Multi-tier Support system
  1. Tier 1: Help Desk operators Help desk operators provide general directory information and route incoming calls to first line support or support queues.
  2. Tier 2: First Line Support Majority of cases resolved by first line support, who close case and update with documentation of the solution to allow other support to reference in the future. If the issue needs to be escalated, it will be updated, noting what was attempted by the first level support and dispatched to second level support.
  3. Tier 3: Second Line Support Second Line support is formed of product engineers/developers or highly skilled technical support staff of the product.
TEA Computers Infrastructure Professional Services
One of TEA Computers major specializations in professional datacenter services area is Infrastructure Professional Services. Professional data center infrastructure design and implementation are major factors for IT operations success and crucial for running mission critical applications.
TEA Computers Infrastructure Professional Services are compelling to enhance customers IT infrastructure with reliable and scalable solutions. It goes beyond the boundaries of traditional servers, storage systems and SAN FC fabric by combining innovative architecture, powerful software applications and a modular hardware platform to help building a balanced system using experience in variety of infrastructure HW and SW components including but limited to:
·         IBM System p and System x servers
·         IBM Disk Systems series DS4000 and DS8000
·         IBM Tape Systems
·         Fujitsu Technology Solutions PRIMERGY, PRIMEPOWER and SPARC Enterprise Servers
·         Fujitsu Technology Solutions FiberCAT Disk and Tape Systems
·         EMC Symmetrix and CLARiiON systems
·         Stratus Technologies ftServers running windows or Linux
·         NetApp NAS
·         IBM Tivoli Storage Manger (TSM) software.
·         Veritas SW
·         Networker SW.
·         SAN switches from Brocade, Qlogic and CISCO
TEA Computers services secure cost effective and efficient IT Infrastructure solutions for any midsize and enterprise data center of any industries and across the nation. TEA Services expand across data center infrastructure and storage solutions from end to end and covers: 


  • IT infrastructure design, planning & management
  • HW/SW and multi-vendor solutions integration
  • Deployment
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Knowledge transfer including user training and system documentation
  • IT infrastructure installation service includes:
  • Site preparation and installation review
  • Install HW including servers, racks, storage systems, tape libraries and SAN infrastructure
  • Network components installation and testing
  • Install SAN/NAS and backup software
  • System set-up
  • Create LUN and connect up to hosts
  • Enable cluster failover (if clustered)
  • Verification and test
  • Customer orientation
IBM Tivoli Storage Manger (TSM) software's Services
  • Gathering information and checking Hardware and software prerequisites and Planning for deployment.
  • Install Tivoli Storage Manager Server.
  • Install and verify integrated solution console and Administration Center.
  • Define storage pools.
  • Define volumes on storage pools.
  • Monitor storage pools.
  • Define a policy domain.
  • Installing IBM Tivoli Storage manager client.
  • Installing IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for DB (MS-SQL)
  • Installing IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for DB (Oracle)
  • Use the Storage Manager scheduler to schedule backup.
  • Create TSM Maintenance Scripts.
  • Migration for selected nodes from old TSM server
  • Install TSM in DR site
Disaster Recovery solutions for data protection and Business Continuity
  •  End-to-End consultancy services
  •  Requirements definition
  •  Solution design
  • HW and SW supply
  • Installation, configuration and testing
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Operation documentation
Consolidation & Migration
  •  End-to-End consultancy services
  • Requirements definition
  • Solution design
  • HW and SW supply
  • Installation, configuration and testing
  • Implementation and project management
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Operation documentation
In addition to above services, TEA services offer virtualization solutions to enrich IT data center infrastructure capabilities and performance through: 
  • Servers consolidation
  • Storage consolidation
  • Space and power savings
  •  Improve manageability
  • Improve Disaster recovery and business continuity

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