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Libyan Stock Exchange Trading System

·         2006: TEA Computers, in cooperation with MCDR and others, starts assisting the capital market in Libya in developing its different segments.

·         2007: TEA Computers supplied and installed all computer equipment for the trading system of the Libyan Stock Exchange in both Tripoli and Ben Ghazi.

·         2008: BIMSi  is installed at seven new Stock Brokerage firms in Libya.

Major Markets Segments
Egyptian Capital Market Authority (CMA)
• Cairo & Alexandria Stock Exchanges (CASE)
Misr for Central Clearing, Depository and Registry (MCDR)
TEA/MIST On-Line trading system
TEA/MIST Disaster Recovery Center
Libyan Stock Exchange Trading System Info Structure
Over 120 Securities Brokerage and Book Keeping firms use BIMSi in Egypt, UAE & Libya
Over 25 Portfolio Management & Mutual Management firms
• Bookkeeping firms

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