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MCDR "Misr for Central Clearing  Depository and Registry"
TEA Computers
was contracted in 1997 by MCDR to supply one of the most advanced computer systems using NUMA technology, to handle its sophisticated and mission critical operations. Supplied systems had to be of high availability, reliability, and able to deal with high volumes of data and transactions.
The delivered computers were two Data General, top of the line AV 20000 NUMA technology enterprise class power servers. Each of the AV 20000 servers at the MCDR is connected to a 80-GB CLARiiON disk array, and runs Clearance, Settlement, and Central Depository applications based on Oracle, and the DG/UX operating system. The systems are configured for high availability. Also, two smaller departmental servers AV/3600 were delivered to be used for MCDR internal development.
MCDR officials
concluded that the AV 20000 servers were selected because of their expandability and scalability, the high-availability features, the stability of the DG/UX operating system, the reliability of Data General equipment, and the quality of support given by Data General Distributor in Egypt, TEA Computers.
Major Markets Segments
Egyptian Capital Market Authority (CMA)
• Cairo & Alexandria Stock Exchanges (CASE)
Misr for Central Clearing, Depository and Registry (MCDR)
TEA/MIST On-Line trading system
TEA/MIST Disaster Recovery Center
Libyan Stock Exchange Trading System Info Structure
Over 120 Securities Brokerage and Book Keeping firms use BIMSi in Egypt, UAE & Libya
Over 25 Portfolio Management & Mutual Management firms

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