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Criminal Evidence Investigation Department (CEID)
The Challenge

The aim of CEID is to provide Egyptian Ministry of Interior with an effective, accurate, prompt and secured service to it’s fingerprint identification needs.

• Huge number of daily transactions for different fingerprint identification types.
It is estimated that there are 10,000 daily transactions for Criminal Status Reports CSR alone.
• Number of ten-fingerprint card plus latent prints from various unsolved cases exceeds 300,000

1994: TEA Computers in association with the Korean Union Systems Inc. “now Hyundai Information Technology” awarded a 20 Million LE project for supplying CEID with the most advanced AFIS system using a unique algorithm to enable fast and accurate large volume matching for Tenprint and Latent prints.; short listed competitions were the Japanese NEC, and the French company SAGEM.
Solution Provided

• Database application development to run on five advanced AViiON servers with CLARiiON RAID, DG/UX and Oracle RDBMS. These five systems are geographically distributed to cover Egypt’s governorates.
• Establishment of the CEID AFIS information database for over 300,000 registered individuals with complete personal and criminal details stored on 20 GB of on line CLARiiON RAID disk storage.
• Establishment of the CEID AFIS fingerprints images database for over 300,000 Tenprint cards (3 millions fingerprint) and around 10,000 Latent print stored on mirrored 760GB of on line Magneto-optical two Juke Boxes.
• Ability to extract fingerprint signatures (Minutiae) for over 3 millions fingerprint and latent.
• Integratation of Four remote Governorates and Five Police stations in a three level communication network.
• Customization and tuning of the system to ensure smooth matching for about 10,000 daily transaction performed by two dual module Matchers powered by over 2000 parallel processors, 4 GB of RAM and 25 GB of local, mirrored on line disk storage.
• As an ongoing project
 2002: CEID sign a contract for enhancing the response and capacity of the AFIS Imaging module, this included in addition to the application programs, the addition of a 730Gb CLARiiON Disk array.
 2003: CEID upgrades its AFIS data entry unit, by adding a new risk based server.
AFIS Today

• Criminal Evidence Investigation Department
• 20 million LE (phase I)
• Over 4 million fingerprint stored as Images and Minutiae
• Over 450,000 Suspect Information in the database
• 15,000 CSR checked and verified daily
Ministry’s Departments and Applications
  National Security Department (NSD)
Criminal Evidence Investigation Department (CEID)
Traffic Department
Anti Narcotic General Authority (ANGA)
Legal Affairs Department
Administration Authority
Cabinet of the Minister
• Various Applications for different departments
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