Success Stories

Government & Public Sector

<p>Bibliotheca Alexandrina is&nbsp; one of the oldest libraries in the world holding a rich collection of everything from ancient manuscripts to modern literary art.</p><p>In 2014 Bibliotheca Alexandrina embarked on an ambitious project, with computer technology provided by TEA Computers via its partner Artec 3D to build the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Virtual Museum (BVM). Today the BVM enables visitors and researchers to take a virtual self-guided tour of the Bibliotheca Antiquities museum, home of more than 1200 artifacts that reflect the rich, multi-cultural history of Egypt with its Pharaonic, Greco-Roman, Coptic, and Islamic heritage.<br></p><p>A few years later, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina joined hands with TEA Computers, Huawei and the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) to build another ambitious project, a Huawei high-performance computing (HPC) solution for educational research and development in multiple scientific fields.<br></p><div><br></div>

Defense & Law Enforcement

<p>TEA Computers in association with the Japanese NEC was awarded a 120+ Million LE project for supplying CEID with the most advanced AFIS system using a unique algorithm to enable fast and accurate large volume matching for Tenprint and Latent prints.</p><p>First Phase<br></p><p>• 80,000 Daily Tenprint/Tenprint Search Load.</p><p>• Over 30 Million Fingerprints stored as Images and Minutiae.</p><p>• 27,500,000 Civilian Tenprint records.</p><p>• 2,500,000 Criminal Tenprint records.</p><p>• 700,000 Criminal Palm Print.</p><p>• 130,000 Criminal Finger Latent.</p><div><br></div>