BIMSi Order Management System (OMS)

For Capital Market Sector


<p><span style="color: rgb(218, 161, 6); font-weight: bold;">BIMSi Order Management System (OMS)&nbsp;</span>provides a user-friendly, fast and effective front-end trading system, fully integrated with the back office . It supports all major trading operations ; users can perform simple (place, modify, cancel)&nbsp; and complex (global modify, suspend, resume, etc..) trader operations on multiple orders.</p><p>Users (brokers and traders) will not have to worry about over drafting an investor, the seamless integration with the back-office does all the validation rules against the investor's balance, margin, facility, override value, and etc.<br></p><p><span style="color: rgb(218, 161, 6); font-weight: 700;">BIMSi OMS&nbsp;</span>is a unique order system that can provide brokerage firms with the flexibility, accuracy and dependability needed to succeed in today's demanding marketplace.&nbsp;<br></p><div><br></div>

Product Details

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BIMSi OMS Key Benefits

<ul class="key-benefits"> <li>Call center functionality<br></li> <li>Multi levels of security&nbsp;</li> <li>Multi-Channel delivery</li> <li>Real time purchase power calculation</li> <li>Historical audit trail that tracks and logs all operations</li> <li>Employee group policy and user roles management</li> <li>Client statement, Portfolio evaluation and Invoices.</li> <li>Real-time portfolio evaluation against real-time market data</li> <li>Risk management ; risks are managed and monitored either at the client level against Buy/Sell orders, Margin trading, Available Cash, Facilities and Live equity evaluation.</li> </ul> <ul class="key-benefits"> <li>Orders Management</li> <ul class="key-benefits-sub"> <li>Book conditioned orders, All or None, Fill or Kill, good till etc. (as&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;provided by market stock</li> <li>Consolidate all orders executed by BIMSi OMS with the executed orders by the market ensuring that proper actions are taken with regards to customer balances.</li> <li>Block sell orders quantity at custodian automatically.</li> <li>Ability to program orders to be executed automatically when they match pre-defined conditions.</li> <li>Order entry anytime , even when the market is closed; the system will issue the orders as soon as the market starts accepting orders<br></li> </ul> </ul>