Tax Payer System For E-Invoice

For Digital Transformation Sector


In alignment with Egypt Vision 2030 and  the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT)  ICT 2030 strategy to build ‘Digital Egypt’ and  one of its main pillars ‘Digital Transformation’ a  ministerial decision  was issued to enforce all corporate tax payers to implement Egyptian Tax Authority (ETA) E-Invoice system.

Tea Computers locally designed and developed an E-invoice solution that is fully compliant with ETA E-invoice requirements enabling companies to electronically sign and send their invoices to the ETA E-invoice portal as well as integrate with both international and local ERP systems.

To date , TEA Computer’s  E-invoice solution has been uploaded to more than 60 Egyptian companies with many more in the pipeline.

As well as our E-invoice solution , we provide both business and technical consultancy to enable you to meet the ETA deadline .